Watch: Liz Gunn Talks To Massive Theatre’s Sam Scott


Sam Scott is the Founder and Artistic Director of Massive Theatre Company, which nurtures Kiwi acting talent from 14 to adulthood.

The motivating energy for Massive is the telling of real New Zealand stories, and the honouring of those stories with passion and playfulness.
For Sam, the recognition and nurturing of talent in the young, comes from her earlier incarnation as visionary for Maidment Youth Theatre. She also founded Theatresports In Schools in 1990, and was a Shortland St Director from 1998- 2007.  And on her own rich thespian path, her love for acting was fostered in her childhood home, and through her training in France’s prestigious Ecole Philippe Gaulier .

In Massive, Sam can marry her three great passions:  acting,  building community through telling stories, and helping young people to find a sense of self and with that, a strong inner confidence.

Sam joined Liz Gunn in the 13th Floor Studio to discuss her vision,  and the emerging talent she sees on a daily basis.

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Former TVNZ presenter and RNZ host, Liz Gunn is a regular contributor to the 13th Floor. Her in-depth interviews with NZ actors, directors, artists and political figures offer a unique take on people and events who deserve much more than a sound-bite.