Watch: Liz Gunn Talks To Jekyll & Hyde Actor Andrew Paterson


Wellington’s talented theatre company, A Slightly Isolated Dog,  have built a reputation for shaking up well-known stories with outrageous physical comedy and rich theatrical imagination. And along with that ambitious vision, they also use laughter to safely deconstruct the barriers between audience and performer.

Now Auckland’s Basement Theatre is running a season of Jekyll and Hyde from A Slightly Isolated Dog from July 4 to 15.

The story, of one man’s psychic division in to two, is thoroughly reworked by the talents and daring of  Susie Berry (winner, Best Female Newcomer Wellington Theatre Awards 2016), Andrew Paterson (An Awfully Big Adventure, Orphans), Hayley Sproull (Little Shop of Horrors, Vanilla Miraka), Jonathan Price (An Awfully Big Adventure, Don Juan), and Samuel Austin (Dying For It).

Andrew Paterson joined Liz Gunn in The 13th Floor Studio the night after the Auckland opening, to discuss the fun and fearless and frightening and freakish of this latest Basement offering.

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