Vintage Trouble – The Bomb Shelter Sessions (Shock)

With their mid-century recording techniques and influences, Hollywood-based Vintage Trouble are certainly retro, but they’re not up to much mischief. Sounding like The Detroit Cobras without Rachel Nagy’s cut-loose vocals or The Black Keys without the devil-may-care attitude, Vintage Trouble have a hot look but their brand of rock n’ soul lacks heat.

The Bomb Shelter Sessions, the band’s first album, was recorded after an energetic performance on Jools Holland. Beginning with the upbeat numbers of Blues Hand Me Down, Still And Always Will and the knees-up Nancy Lee, the group takes a break on the sweet track Gracefully, but afterwards forget to put their dancing shoes back on. The rest of the album sounds like 2am at a wedding.

Singer Ty Taylor was a guitar player and singer in soppy R&B group Dakota Moon and later threw his hat in the ring vying for the lead spot on Rock Star: INXS, has performed in Dave Navarro’s covers band Camp Freddy and has also featured in a number of musicals. This ‘a bit of everything for everyone’ approach is reflected in The Bomb Shelter Sessions, which swings from soul-lite to Dad rock with a distinct lack of the ball-busting fervour that a band like this needs.

However they’re bound to be real party-starters live, so drop in to see them next time you’re in Hollywood, slip Taylor something strong and hope he’ll finally cut loose.

Kathryn van Beek

Click here to listen to Nancy Lee from The Bomb Shelter Sessions