Vetiver – The Errant Charm (Sub Pop)

To many bands, having their album described as “a superb soundtrack for an afternoon idyll” would be slightly insulting. Not so San Francisco-based Vetiver, who are selling fifth album The Errant Charm as the perfect album to listen to while you spend the afternoon walking through the city.

Vetiver (named after a useful and non-psychoactive perennial grass) allude to the 70s from their softly-psychedelic cover through to their ten soft and sun-kissed tracks. Gentle tambourine, lazily swirling guitars, layered harmonies and singer Andy Cabic’s relaxed pop voice come together to make an album that sounds classic rather than retro, and summery rather than twee.

Soft and dreamy as it may be, Vetiver are right on the money with their description of The Errant Charm. A background album for people who appreciate good background music, this album would gently enhance every moment in your day from a lazy brunch to a late-night seduction.

If you run a café or retail store, put this album on rotation over summer. It’ll make a nice breezy change from The Steve Miller Band.

Kathryn van Beek

Click here to listen to Ride Ride Ride from The Errant Charm