Underwire – Calling Out: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Wellington indie rockers Underwire are pleased to announce the release of their next single, Calling Out, following on the great response to their first single Gravity.

Here’s what we know:

UnderwireCalling Out’ is an evocative post-punk tale of loss and dissolution, a mannered and disquieting outline of a relationship falling apart.

Recorded at Massey School of Music in 2021 by the mighty Mike Gibson and engineer Robbie Pattinson, and mixed / mastered by esteemed producer Scott Seabright, ‘Calling Out’ is being released with assistance from label PlasticGroove HQ.

Writer Mark (Spike) Roxburgh believes the song speaks for itself… ‘it’s only in her head, doesn’t mean it’s not happening’.. ‘you hate the world, and so do I’.

Check out Underwire live at their upcoming shows at Newtown Sports Bar 22 July, and Lovelands 26 August.

Streaming links – Stream Here