The Human Kind – I’m Eternity: New Song Of The Day

The Human Kind are back with a new lineup and edgy-alt pop single and video, I’m Eternity + The Human Kind merch, with all profits going to charity Mates in Construction.

Here’s the blurb with all you need to know:

The Human KindThe Human Kind have today released their new single and video ‘I’m Eternity’ and launched their new merchandise line, with all profits from the single release over the next three months going to the charity, Mates In Construction, who support the prevention of suicide in our construction industry.

Featuring the vocals from member Chrissy Diamond, the edgy alt-pop single features minimal instrumentation in the first verse, reflecting the sense of isolation expressed in the lyrics.

The chorus speaks of our indestructible nature chanting the song title, ‘I’m Eternity’ and leads to a melodic homecoming with Jason Slade singing overlapping harmonies in falsetto enhanced by the intuitive drumming of Hayden Wharewaka.

Frank Marinthe’s spacious production blends the complementary artists together while still allowing each to stand in their own light.

“‘I’m Eternity’ is about being left alone feeling brokenhearted in a dark void. There in the darkness, you surprisingly discover that the pain doesn’t kill you. Something rises up within you that is indestructible and cannot be broken, and you experience your essential nature which is the energy present in all of eternity,” says Chrissy Diamond, the group’s spokesperson.

The track was produced by Frank Marinthe, and co-written by THK Founders Frank Marinthe and Chrissy Diamond along with prior THK contributor Mitch French.

Accompanying the single, the music video highlights the indestructible human nature displayed in the strength, endurance and spirit of athletes and individuals affected with physical disabilities.

Alongside with the release, the group have also launched their online merchandise shop with all of the profits from purchases being donated to the various charities they support.

The Human Kind

The charity The Human Kind are supporting along with the release of ‘I’m Eternity’, is Mates In Construction,  and the vital mahi they do for suicide prevention in the construction industry in Aotearoa.

The release joins a handful of songs from The Human Kind this year including, Tell Me How’, ‘Water and Fire’  and ‘Mā Te Wai’ remix featuring Tiki Tane and Black Comet, with more to follow from this exciting up and coming music project.

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