The Boy Next Door: Reb Fountain & Band Celebrate Nick Cave’s 60th – Wine Cellar September 22, 2017


Less than a week after selling out The Tuning Fork, Reb Fountain and her band sell out The Wine Cellar as they celebrate Nick Cave’s 60th birthday.

Reb proved that she was up to the task of performing Nick Cave’s songs last Saturday when she closed out her show with a stunning version of Hiding All Away. But last night she and her band showed that there was plenty more where that came from as they torn through 17 Nick Cave compositions in 90 minutes.

The band was the same as last week…Dylan Storey on guitar, Ben Woolley, bass, Logan Compain drums…with Dave Khan added to play a bit of everything…guitar, keyboards, violin…whatever was necessary.

With a songbook as rich and varied as Cave’s, the big question was, what tunes would they choose?

It turned out to be a very satisfying mix of old and new, popular and obscure, beginning with Rings Of Saturn from Skeleton Tree. For this and the following number, Water’s Edge, it sounded like Reb was channeling Patti Smith as much as Nick Cave, which made them sound that much better.

Then is was a trip back into the catalogue for Nobody’s Baby Now and Red Right Hand, where Logan Compain got to prove what a fine drummer he is.

Breathless featured Dylan Storey on flute, much to the amusement of Dave Khan and then it was guest time.

Opening act Steve Abel returned to the stage to tangle with Reb on Henry Lee and then Delaney Davidson was called upon to sing The Weeping Song. It was this performance that really took the show to the next level…and it stayed there for the rest of the night as Reb and the band turned in dazzling versions of Push The Sky Away, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!! and Hiding All Away.

Steve Abel returned again to sing The Ship Song and then duet again with Reb on Where The Wild Roses Grow, with Reb singing Cave’s part and Steve Abel taking Kylie’s.

The set closed with a visceral performance of Jubilee Street, with Reb really giving it her all.

For the encore, we got a gospel-like take on Deanna, with Dave, Dylan and Ben singing around one mic as Reb led the singalong. The song ultimately morphed into Oh Happy Day.

And a happy day it was as Nick Cave’s birthday was duly celebrated in the style that I’ve gotta guess he would have approved of.

Despite having to learn 17 very wordy new songs to perform, Reb and her crew never sounded like a covers band. They dug deep into the songs and came up with fresh, exciting treatments. Needless to say, the crowd was elated.

If you missed it, don’t despair, they are going to do it all again tonight at Leigh Sawmill and then there will be four more shows throughout New Zealand. Click here for more details.  

Marty Duda

Thanks to Chris Kemp who sent over these photos:

The Boy Next Door set list:

  1. Rings Of Saturn
  2. Water’s Edge
  3. Nobody’s Baby Now
  4. Red Right Hand
  5. Into My Arms
  6. Breathless
  7. Henry Lee
  8. The Weeping Song
  9. Jack The Ripper
  10. Push The Sky Away
  11. Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
  12. The Ship Song
  13. Where The Wild Roses Grow
  14. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!
  15. Hiding All Away
  16. Jubilee Street
  17. Deanna/Oh Happy Day


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