Sound Thinking Ep3: We Review Green Day, J Mascis, The Boondocks & Rosina & The Weavers

Sound Thinking

Sound Thinking Episode 3 is ready for your ears. Listen in as Jeff Neems, Veronika Bell, Oxford Lamoureaux & Marty Duda review Green Day, J Mascis and more!

Green DaySound Thinking is a new podcast featuring some of New Zealand most knowledgeable and passionate music journalists reviewing four new albums every Friday.

J MascisToday Oxford, Jeff, Marty and Veronika dig deep into these four new releases and share their opinions on the Grammys

    1. The Boondocks – The Boondocks
    2. Green Day – Saviors
    3. J Mascis – What Do We Do Now
    4. Rosina & The Weavers – Hitching The Starlight Highway


Marty Duda
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