Roky Erickson, The Damned, Sisters Of Mercy, The Black Lips

The Sisters of Mercy
Rescheduled show
22nd February 2012
Tickets available Thursday 27th October 2011

The Damned
Powerstation Wednesday 25th January 2012
Tickets available from Thursday 27th October 2011

English punk rock legends The Damned will perform in New Zealand, for the first time in 25 years when they play at the Powerstation on Wednesday 25th January. (and coincidentally it’s at the same location they last performed  back in 1987, when the room  was called The Galaxy)

Creating punk rock history in 1976 alongside The Clash, Sex Pistols and Ramones,  they were the first UK group to release a ‘punk rock’ single with the scorching New Rose, and the first UK punk act to tour the US.  35-years on and the rush of witnessing a Damned live show is still comparable to that first buzz of energy released at some long-forgotten sweat box of youth.

With the longest stable line-up in their history, a cracking new album under their belts, a seemingly never-ending touring schedule, and with fans worldwide still demanding their attention, the Damned entered their fourth decade in the business energized and ready to inflict yet more anarchy, chaos and destruction on audiences everywhere.

Featuring original members Dave Vanian on vocals , and Captain Sensible on guitar, The Damned will perform songs from  their classic, Nick Lowe produced debut album Damned Damned Damned (1977) as well as a selection of songs from their  35 year history which sees them play shows in the UK, Europe, North American, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the course of those 35-years they’ve influenced everyone from the Sex Pistols and Motorhead to the Offspring and Guns n’ Roses, so the Powerstation is delighted to welcome The Damned to our shores to expose another generation of NZ fans to one of the most resilient bands of the last 40-years.

Powerstation Wednesday 7th March 2012
Tickets available from Ticketmaster Thursday 27th October 2011

The Godfather of Psychedelic Rock, Roky (prounced Rocky) Erickson will perform one New Zealand show  on DATE.

A strong influence  in New Zealand on the early Flying Nun sound, legendary rock n’ roll pioneer Roger Kynard “Roky” Erickson has been called one of the unknown heroes of rock and roll.  As the frontman for the 13th Floor Elevators, he helped pioneer a unique brand of heavy, hard-rocking electric blues and Erickson and his band were the first rock n’ rollers to describe their music as “psychedelic”. The group had a profound impact on the San Francisco scene when they travelled there in 1966, and that impact is still being felt some 45-years later, with artists such as The White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Wooden Ships and Robert Plant citing Erickson as an influence.

Having struggled with health issues for the best part of the last two decades, Erickson is back with a vengeance, and in recent years has given some of the best performances of his life at the likes of the Coachella Festival and throughout Europe, including playing the Royal Festival Hall in London. In 2008 he toured the US West Coast with fellow Austin, Texas residents the Black Angels as his backing band, and that same year he performed with Okkervil River at the Austin Music Awards and again at the famed SXSW Festival in 2009.

Roky Erickson may not be a household name, but he has rightly enjoyed the support of a fiercely loyal cult following throughout his career. In 2010 he released his first new album in 14-years, True Love Cast Out All Evil, and he will be bringing his renewed enthusiasm and remarkable back-catalogue of classics to NZ for the first time.

Powerstation Tuesday 28th February 2012
Tickets available from Ticketmaster from Thursday 27th October 2011

Atlanta flower-punk  quartet the Black Lips bring their hell-raising antics and raw garage-rock sound back to our shores on DATE.
Infamous for their stage riots, being deported from India for ‘criminal acts’ on stage (witness on YouTube!)  and other good time no-good-nik-ness across the globe it will be their first show back in New Zealand since playing the inaugural Laneways festival in 2010.

For the newcomers, imagine, the Beastie Boys playing Nuggets influenced rock and roll.  Did you see them last time they were over? If you did you’ll know that their live show involves three front men singing lead, flying blood, group kissing, sudden nudity and sometimes fireworks explosions. If you didn’t then time to pull your finger out of your ass and get wise.

Their latest album Arabia Mountain was recorded with famed producer Mark Ronson – who is known for both his sharply-honed solo albums Version and Record Collection, and his production work for the likes of Sean Paul, Nas, Kaiser Chiefs, Adele and most notably UK soul-pop diva Amy Winehouse’s international breakthrough Back To Black.  Arabia Mountain finds the Black Lips digging deep into the roots of their exposed-nerve sound whilst exploring new possibilities in their music.

Singer-guitarist Cole Alexander explains: “We’re not purists who just want to sound old, but there are certain recording techniques which were used a long time ago that sound really good, and can be used in today’s context. We felt Mark Ronson understood that.”

While the band have by no means turned their backs on the storming punk and garage-rock that is the core of their confrontational style, the album showcases a willingness to push the bands’ stylistic boundaries further than ever before.

Alexander elaborates: “We tried to do what we do best, and keep it raw, but we also opened up to working with a producer and experimenting with new sounds. We tried to keep doing what we’re doing, while expanding and growing at the same time.”