Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers: Psychopaths From Outer Space


A psychobilly band from Hamilton? Well, it makes sense, if you think about it. This warped trio of rock-a-billys consists of Dick Dynamite (Richard Kimber-Bell on double bass, Sammy Featherbelly (Sam Kimber-Bell) guitar and Chubby Chip (Chris Dalziel) on drums. Apparently they’ve been making this ungodly racket since 2006 but have only just scrapped together the funds to release their first album. Musically these guys are living in the 50s where Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent whererein supreme. Lyrically…well, let’s just say they’ve been watch a few too many B-grade flicks and slasher movies. The faint of heart may get queasy as Dick, in Massacre, warbles on about chain-sawing his girl’s corpse to bits and then hanging her from a meat hook. It ain’t very P.C. and some would say its downright offensive.

The boys get serious on Don’t Want You Anymore, a scathing commentary on the government’s “support” of local music. The incidental “radio broadcasts” warning of UFO sightings are a nice touch. Imagine the Stray Cats, but with a dark side.

Marty Duda

Listen to Don’t Want You Anymore from Psychopaths From Outer Space: