All Time Low – Dirty Work (Interscope)

Do you want me Dead is the name of the first track on this album, and after listening to ten seconds of this dated pop punk dross you will be wondering if All Time Low want YOU dead. That this Baltimore band have managed to release four albums is a modern miracle, when even their own bio says they’ve struggled to get radio airplay.

With lyrics ranging from “I’m getting sick of your bullshit attitude”, to “she put her tongue all up in my ear, almost made me spill my beer”, and “I’m in the zone, turned off my phone”, this album does at least have some comedy value, which quickly evaporates into incredulity as you realise that the people who wrote these lyrics are grown men. Sung in the sickly nasal whine so beloved by pop punk posers past, the album also features vocal harmonies that sound like tortured Tasmanian Devils scraping their claws down blackboards while playing out of tune violins with their teeth.

All Time Low have positioned themselves appropriately on the musical canon with their apt band name. Unless you are a die-hard pop punk fan with a forgiving nature, this offering is best avoided.

Kathryn van Beek

Click here to listen to I Feel Like Dancin’ from Dirty Work: