Real Estate – Days (Domino)

This is the second album by this Brooklyn-based trio. My first reaction upon hearing the opening track, Easy, was that they must have been listening to quite a bit of Flying Nun music, particularly The Bats. The track features the same jangly guitar and echo-drenched vocals and Robert Scott and company are known for. As it turns out, this is the template for pretty much all 10 of the tracks on Days.
Guitarist/vocalist Martin Courtney builds up a mid-tempo, jangle-filled head of steam for about a minute, then his multitracked, dreamy vocals chime in. As the first song alludes to, it’s an easy sound to listen to, and quite lovely at times.
Lyrically, things are just as atmospheric. “I was just floating”. Courtney sings on Easy. On the following song, Green Aisles, he sings about “mountains of maple leaves standing side by side”. On Municipality there are “dozens of shade trees waiting there for me”.
One tune gently blends into the next. That’s the album’s positive and negative. It flows along nicely, but then, has a hard time making any lasting impression. Nothing really stands out, it’s all just a pleasant, hazy blur.
Given that this is only the band’s second album, perhaps they are still in a formative stage. Well, they’ve definitely come up with a sound…now they need to add a few dynamics, create some memorable hooks and break out an occasional guitar solo or two.
In the mean time…don’t listen to Days while driving, chances are it will lull you into a head-on collision.

Marty Duda

Click here to listen to It’s Real from Days: