Nirvana: Live At Reading

***** Kurt and Co. unleash their fury at the 1992 Reading festival

Just a few days after Courtney Love gave birth to Francis Bean Cobain, Kurt is on stage in front of thousands of drunken fans defending his wife’s honour. The press had been hard on the couple, accusing Courtney of shooting heroin while pregnant, so Kurt took time in the middle of the gig to get everyone to shout their love and support for the new mother.

His rage is barely contained in the set’s twenty-five songs as Cobain screams the lyrics to Lithium, Aneurysm, Tourette’s and Sliver as if his life depended on it. It probably did.

Less than a year and a half later, Cobain would be dead, but on this night he and his two band mates are very much alive. Dave Grohl’s drumming is particularly impressive, while Krist Novoselic seems to be the one holding everything together.

This is a document of the band at the height of its powers…too bad it came to an end so soon.