Nina Simone: Live At Montreux 1976

**** Petulant jazz singer reinforces her erratic reputation

Director: Thierry Amsaliem

In addition to being a superb pianist and a singular vocalist, Nina Simone had a reputation as a headstrong, volatile performer. Here, she walks on stage and commences a love/hate relationship with the audience, staring them down in stony silence or pouring her heart out in-between songs.

Her famous temper nearly gets the best of a stagehand who has trouble securing the singer’s boom mic early on. Fortunately no blood is spilled and Simone turns in riveting performances of songs like Little Girl Blue, Be My Husband and African Mailman. Her bizarrely moving rendition of Feelings is among the highlights.

Also included are two bonus tracks from 1987 and four from 1990, by which time Simone’s vocal powers had diminished.