Liz Gunn Talks To Artist Thomas Newman Pound


The latest offering from artist Thomas Newman Pound, Without Words: A Year Out Walking, is at the Gus Fisher Gallery until April 22nd. 

The quizzical beauty and enigma of his latest works falls under the heading of ‘Assemblage’ which is a form of sculpture, comprised of “found” objects arranged in such a way that they create a piece.

These objects can be organic or man-made- discarded scraps of wood, stones, old chairs, rusting metal – the detritus of the city which can be transformed through the alchemy of the artist’s eye and sensibility, into a renewed life within a fresh context, and often with an unexpected beauty

Thomas Newman Pound joined Liz Gunn in the 13th Floor Studios to elucidate on this fossicking and forensic art form for which he  requires great focus and often, silence, to sense the way in which each of the found pieces will work together to create a new whole.