Lindsey Buckingham – Seeds We Sow (Eagle/Shock)

In between touring and recording with Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham has nurtured a solo career, reaching back to 1981. Following up on 2008’s Gift Of Screws, comes Seeds We Sow, Buckingham’s 6th studio solo outing.

While Lindsey is a fine singer and songwriter, it’s really his guitar playing that stands out on the 11 tracks included here. Buckingham has developed his own, unique sound, based around his delicate finger-picking and he using the technique to full advantage on songs like That’s The Way Love Goes, Stars Are Crazy and Rock Away Blind. His rippling notes seem to flow off the fretboard.

Sonically, Buckingham induces a dream-like atmosphere throughout the album thanks to his lyrics, which often refer to dreams, and his layered vocals.

Highlights include the short, but catchy Illuminations, probably the track that sounds most like Fleetwood Mac, In Our Own Time , with its gentle, intricate guitar, and jarring chorus and End Of Time, a mid-tempo rocker that finds the artist singing about “sliding down the karma slide”.

Although most of the songs deal with matters of the heart, the tune, One Take, has a decidedly political viewpoint, accusing corporate fatcats of decimating the middle class.

The album ends with a cover of an obscure Stones song. She Smiled Sweetly originally showed up on 1967’s Between The Buttons. It’s just Buckingham’s voice and guitar that puts a new spin on an old tune.

Chances are Fleetwood Mac with regroup for another tour and/or album…there’s too much money to be made not to. But in the interim, Lindsey Buckingham is keeping himself busy making some high-quality West Coast pop.

Marty Duda

Click here to listen to That’s The Way That Love Goes from Seeds We Sow