Julien Dyne – Glimpse (Rhythmethod)

If you enjoy vocals, lyrics, hooks, riffs and melodies, Julien Dyne’s Glimpse isn’t for you. But if you like being challenged by music, if you’re partial to a spot of abstract jazz, and if you want to give your ears a workout, these nineteen beat-driven tracks will be right up your alley.

First track Bent sounds like a prelude to the main event. Different sounds pulse through the piece, lending it a vibe that could be described as “lost in a forest and on acid”, “watching a depth charge sink towards you through your submarine periscope”, or “running out of oxygen on the Apollo”. But instead of using Bent as a launching pad for the rest of the album, the other tracks continue in much the same downbeat, introspective vein. Where vocals do appear they are submerged, distorted, and play around the edges of melodies without committing to them.

There’s no doubt that Berlin-based expat Dyne, who is also well-known for his drumming and visual art, is a fixture on New Zealand’s music scene. It will be interesting to see if Dyne will continue to create audio art, or whether he will return to his more accessible soul roots on future releases.

Kathryn van Beek


Click here to listen to Mask from Glimpse