Grant P. Chilcott – Sings Mitchell Parish (Ode)

Grant P Chilcott, also known as Wentworth Brewster, has been keeping the torch of crooner-style singing aflame in New Zealand for twenty five years. He’s recorded with The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Strings, performed with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, and sung in exotic countries around the world. In this album he turns his talents to re-imagining the songs of Mitchell Parish (1900 – 1993), the Lithuania-born immigrant turned Tin Pan Alley lyricist.

The well-presented disc includes biographies on both Parish and Chilcott, and some of the history behind each of the songs. It is this loving exploration of the music from a time gone by, the fine musicianship of pianist Kevin Field, drummer Jason Orme and bass player Olivier Holland, and the laid-back but emotive interpretation of these classics by Chilcott himself that may well turn a new generation on to these bittersweet 20th century classics.

Chilcott is a popular performer at conferences, balls, corporate events and weddings around the country, and this release will no doubt cement his reputation as a stellar addition to any special event.

Kathryn van Beek

Click here to listen to Sophisticated Lady from Grant P. Chilcott Sings Mitchell Parish: