Geoff Ong – Waiting On What To Say: New Song Of The Day

Geoff Ong, Aotearoa pop artist, has today released his catchy new single ‘Waiting On What To Say’.

Here’s the blurb from our friends at Lil Sister Records:

Geoff OngThis fantastically bright, upbeat indie pop song is an exciting continuation and evolution from this talented artist, who says that he feels super poppy music gives him license to be vulnerable with his lyrics – like a sugar rush to help the honesty medicine go down a bit smoother.

“I wrote this song during a prolonged bout of social anxiety,” says Geoff, “when every interaction I had felt like a knife edge between trying to play it cool – and coming off aloof and disinterested – and oversharing way too much, and making the other person very uncomfortable! I really find that songwriting is one the most powerful tools in my mental health toolbox, and writing this song helped me work through these feelings to identify the root of it all – which was that I was so worried about how other people perceived me that I almost was paralysed by it.”

Geoff Ong‘Waiting On What To Say’ was written, mixed and mastered by Geoff, with the support of Fred Calzada and Kris ‘Zion’ Ortega from Los Angeles-based independent label Yo! Records. “Yo! Records got in touch with me via Instagram for this release, and I’m so stoked to be working with them. They are a new boutique record label whose goal is to release music from up-and-coming Asian American artists and celebrate our unique community. I feel like the visibility of Asian artists in western media is really starting to come to the fore at the moment, and I’m very excited to be a part of this movement. Diversity and representation in the media are things that I think are super important, and I really want to be able to create some dialogue about this.”

Over the last 4 years, Geoff has been cultivating a passionate fanbase through online engagement, electric live performances, and his own brand of quirky pop songwriting. With 5 songs from his 2020 debut album MAYBE IT’LL BE ALRIGHT placing in the Official NZ Music Charts Top 5, and consistent radio airplay across NZ commercial hit music stations, it’s clear that there is big love for Geoff and his music!

“His songs are an antidote to the lack of authenticity in modern pop music – they’re refreshingly genuine, connecting with listeners who feel like they aren’t “one of the cool kids”. This is the mainstream, for misfits.”

 – Radio New Zealand

“Eminently danceable and packing emotional heft, the self-described “pop star for dorks”  has delivered the catchy goods again with his hook-packed latest number.”


 “The sky’s the limit for the New Zealand artist.  World, welcome pop music’s newest prodigy, Geoff Ong.”

– The Pit London