Evaline – Woven Material (Shock)

If you’ve ever had a passing interest in Radiohead, Muse and/or My Chemical Romance, Woven Material by Evaline could be right up your alley. The album features the cool urban desolation of Radiohead, the soaring highs and lows of Muse and the high drama of My Chemical Romance. Singer Richard Perry has a smooth and controlled voice and the songs are layered and well-constructed, combining a drawn-out falsetto over hammering drums one moment, and heavy rock riffs over gentle piano the next.

With three guitar players among the ranks, Evaline have eschewed the simplistic pop punk sound that’s made other Californian bands famous, and opted for a more modern approach that is somehow greater than its parts of progressive rock, punk, emo, glam metal and alternative rock. Their lyrics are smarter too. “You are always naked no matter how much you wear,” moans Perry over a swirling sound bed of guitars.

Woven Material is a dynamic and interesting album that will appeal to a wide range of people. However for all the careful tempo changes, impassioned lyrics and dramatic emotion, it lacks a warmth that could perhaps have led to greater engagement.

Kathryn van Beek  www.joyriderpromotions.com

Click here to listen to Overwhelming Shapes from Woven Material